Toshiba’s deadline for winning the Chinese antitrust approval concerning its $18 billion chip sale is today- Technology News, Firstpost

by adminon April 26, 2018
Japan’s Toshiba Corp faces a Friday deadline to win Chinese antitrust approval to sell its prized $18 billion memory-chip business by end-March, raising the possibility the deadline may be missed and that it will seek alternatives such as an IPO. Toshiba. Reuters. The conglomerate agreed last year to sell the world’s second-biggest producer of NAND […]

Mark Zuckerberg may have addressed the Cambridge Analytica issue, but nothing changes unless we take data protection seriously

by adminon April 25, 2018
The Facebook – Cambridge Analytica controversy has been in the news this entire week. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, after staying silent for close to five days, finally spoke up admitting that Facebook had indeed made a mistake. In his Facebook status, Zuckerberg said, “We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then […]

Nitride-iron transformers will increase the efficiency of energy storage devices

by adminon April 24, 2018
The Sandia National Laboratories team, led by Todd Monson, developed a magnetic material for high-frequency transformers. The new material will make them easier, cheaper and, most importantly, more effective than the current ones. For the manufacture of transformers, iron nitride is used. It is obtained as a result of processing a metal powder with liquid nitrogen and […]

Smart-key Alkometr does not allow to start a car with a drunk driver

by adminon April 23, 2018
A drunk driver is known to be a potential killer (or suicide), as evidenced by the sad statistics of road accidents. Currently, specialists in many countries are developing systems that block the engine startup in case the driver is drunk. This time, efforts were combined by Honda and Hitachi to design a keychain-alcometer, which does not allow the […]

Laser scanner in the refrigerator will find the spoiled products

by adminon April 22, 2018
A team of researchers from the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (South Korea), led by Dr. Yonghi Yong, developed a laser system for refrigerators capable of detecting spoiled products. The system consists of a laser that creates light, and a camera that makes 30 shots per second. If on the foodstuffs at the moment of […]

Japanese save kittens in virtual reality

by adminon April 21, 2018
For some reason it is considered useful to come face to face with your fears. With the advent of virtual reality, it became much easier. A new attraction, Project i Can from Namco, opening in a week in Tokyo, will allow its participants to feel the full power of the terrifying possibilities of virtual reality. Players are invited to […]

Twitter’s chief information security officer Micheal Coates decides to quit- Technology News, Firstpost

by adminon April 20, 2018
As tech companies reel under mounting pressure to prevent their platforms from data breach and fake news, Twitter’s Chief Information Security Officer Michael Coates has decided to quit. Twitter. Reuters. In a tweet on 22 March, Coates who joined Twitter in 2015 announced his departure from the micro-blogging website. “Twitter has been an amazing ride, […]

Snapchat is rolling out Explore on Snap Maps feature to let you discover content such as festivals and more based on your location

by adminon April 19, 2018
In a few weeks, Snapchat will introduce an Explore option on Snap Map where users can keep a track of events, festivals, news updates with the help of their friend’s live location. Snapchat. Reuters. According to Snapchat, to use this feature, the user has to turn on their location on Snapchat. Then they have to pinch on […]

Mars rover “Bruno” is tested before the expedition to Mars

by adminon April 18, 2018
The project to create a rover, which will go to the Red Planet in 2018, involves three prototypes – Bruno, Bridget and Brian. The main goal of the space mission is to find signs of life in Martian soil and make high-quality digital images of the surrounding landscape. Meanwhile, the ExoMars orbiter, launched on March 14 from the […]

Electric rollers on caterpillars will allow you to ride off-road

by adminon April 17, 2018
To date, there are many individual compact vehicles with which you can overcome the remaining few kilometers to work. Among them are folding bicycles , scooters and even electric skateboards. Recently, this list was supplemented by the inventor from Poland, Jack Skopinsky, who developed roller skates with cross-country power with an electric drive. It all started with an unusual order. The client […]