The new Chinese “killer” Tesla Model X is twice cheaper than the competitor

by blogon December 26, 2017
Not so long ago, we talked about the Chinese “clone” Model X from the company Xiaopeng Motors . The novelty clearly traced the features of the American electric crossover for the authorship of Ilona Mask. But on this diversity of the Chinese market of electric cars has not ended. The other day the Chinese startup NIO began selling its first […]

IFA 2017 Launch Press Conference Live Blog

by adminon September 5, 2017
06:59AM EDT – We’re here for IFA’s launch press event. We were expecting this to be Dell’s press event, but there seems to be a mix up on emails.  06:59AM EDT – Just me on text and images today – it’s a 2 hour press event, which I think is being merged with the IFA […]

Lots Of NVMe SSD Controllers

by adminon September 5, 2017
At Flash Memory Summit (FMS) this month, Silicon Motion demonstrated several of their upcoming NVMe SSD controllers and engineers presented several of the technologies Silicon Motion has developed for these controllers. Between the exhibit and the technical presentations, a total of six upcoming SSD controllers were mentioned. Currently, most SSDs using Silicon Motion controllers feature […]

Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy and EDGE diskGO Secure Pro Secure USB Thumb Drives Review

by adminon September 4, 2017
Thumb drives are the most commonly used flash-based storage devices, thanks to their compact form factor and affordability. In our series of direct-attached storage reviews, we have taken a look at number of devices that offer hardware encryption with no performance impact. They have all been SSDs behind a USB – SATA bridge, with the […]

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.8.2

by adminon September 4, 2017
This week, AMD has released Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.8.2, quickly following up on this Monday’s 17.8.1 release and the last Monday’s launch of Radeon RX Vega64. This quick update addresses some fairly important issues: several unresolved RX Vega bugs and new game driver support. Although it is focused on polishing RX Vega related […]

Dell Press Conference Live Blog (7am ET, 11am UTC)

by adminon September 3, 2017
AnandTech Live Blog: The newest updates are at the top. This page will auto-update, there’s no need to manually refresh your browser. 06:59AM EDT – We’re here for Dell’s press event at the IFA trade show, held in Berlin. Expect to see some laptop and notebook announcements, base on Intel’s new 8th Gen core.

New Controllers And TSV NAND Packaging

by adminon September 3, 2017
Lite-On (including its consumer SSD brand Plextor) is one of the largest SSD vendors that is not vertically integrated. They don’t manufacture NAND flash memory and don’t design their own SSD controllers. Their strategy for competing against the vertically-integrated giants relies on picking the right technologies that are available on the open market and making […]

ASUS ROG Zephyrus with Core i7-7700HQ and GeForce GTX 1070 Available for $2299

by adminon September 2, 2017
ASUS has started to sell a more affordable version of its flagship ROG Zephyrus gaming laptop it launched earlier this year. The new model retains all the features of the top-of-the-range SKU when it comes to dimensions, weight, power consumption and other peculiarities, but it costs 15% less and comes with a slower GPU as well […]

Netgear Nighthawk X6S EX8000 Brings Orbi Tri-band Wi-Fi to Range Extenders

by adminon September 2, 2017
​Netgear’s Orbi system has proved to be one of the most popular kits in the emerging mesh / Wi-Fi system market. While Wi-Fi systems are not for everybody (for example, folks living in apartments certainly don’t need one), there is a segment of the target market that has been loath to upgrade to them. Primary […]

The Crucial BX300 (480GB) SSD Review: Back To MLC

by adminon September 1, 2017
Micron has finally introduced a second consumer SSD with 3D NAND flash. Rather than a high-performance NVMe drive, they’ve brought back the entry-level BX product line for the Crucial BX300. At Computex 2014, Micron introduced the Crucial MX100, the first SSD to use their 16nm MLC NAND. The MX100 was a hit with great performance […]