Dual Core Cannon Lake in Official Documents

by adminon March 18, 2018
Intel briefly listed two 10nm Cannon Lake processors in a microcode update document this week, confirming that it has shipped such chips, although we expect it to be in small quantities. Intel has since removed the references to them from the public version of the paper. Intel has adjusted its 10nm roadmap multiple times in the […]

Corsair ONE Gets Caffeinated: Now with Coffee Lake

by adminon March 17, 2018
This week Corsair introduced two new versions of its small form-factor desktop, called the ‘ONE’. The new versions upgrade the processor to the latest generation Intel six-core Coffee Lake processors. The end result is more performance, with a corresponding increase in price. The new versions, called the ONE Pro Plus and the ONE Elite, represent the best […]

Double-flying stage Falcon 9 “survived” when landing on the water

by blogon February 9, 2018
Today, SpaceX tested a new method for landing rockets using the already-flown Falcon 9 first stage. After the successful launch of the GovSat-1 satellite, which took place on January 31, the first stage, the return of which was not planned, not only failed, but also remained intact. On this rocket, a new landing method was […]

10 things that happen to you and your body in space

by blogon January 20, 2018
Every day it becomes more and more obvious that sooner or later a new space race will lead to the fact that mankind will leave Earth Mother. Whether we want it or not, space travel will be an integral part of our future. More precisely, ours is unlikely, but our grandsons and great-grandchildren are quite possible. However, before […]

Bitcoin will be able to survive the apocalypse

by blogon January 19, 2018
Supporters of the crypto currency are sure that Bitcoin is no worse than gold – it is also reliable and in the future will be able to compete with precious metal in convenience. Nobody will carry a purse full of gold bars, and a hacksaw for metal, at the right moment to cut a piece of […]

Boeing patents a system for protecting GPS navigation on the blockroom

by blogon December 28, 2017
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of aircraft, military and space equipment, Boeing Corp., announced that it has patented a new development, the essence of which is to protect the GPS receivers with the help of a blockade from unauthorized interference. The accompanying note to the patent, published on the website of the US Patent and Trademark […]

Testers Virgin Hyperloop One dispersed the capsule to 387 km / h

by blogon December 25, 2017
The test team Virgin Hyperloop One again set a record – during recent tests at the DevLoop training ground near Las Vegas, they managed to disperse the capsule to a speed of 387 kilometers per hour. Inside the tube with a pressure of 0.0002 atmosphere, the capsule was able to beat the previous record of […]

Still do not understand what bitkoyn is? Let’s understand together

by blogon December 21, 2017
The growing price of bitcoins – this virtual currency currently costs more than $ 250 billion – has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks. But the real value of bitco is not in its growing value. And in the technological breakthrough, which generally allowed the formation of this network. Until now, the unknown inventor Bitcoin, who […]

Bosch invested in the crypto currency for the Internet of things

by blogon December 21, 2017
Venture fund Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) reports that it recently invested in IOTA tokens, issued by a start-up, creating a distributed payment system for the Internet of things. The exact amount of the deal was not disclosed, but representatives of the German manufacturer say that they are making a serious bet on the Internet of […]

GIGABYTE’s GC-AQC107 10G Ethernet PCIe Card Launched and Listed

by adminon November 10, 2017
GIGABYTE has added the GC-AQC107 10 GbE PCIe card it demonstrated early this year at CES to the list of products on its website. The product is also listed on both Amazon US and Amazon UK but is currently unavailable. When the network card is released, GIGABYTE will be the third company to offer a 10 GbE NIC […]