CERN again “groped” for new physics

by blogon January 10, 2018
From the middle to the end of the twentieth century, quantum physicists disassembled by parts a unified theory of physics, proposed by Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The physics of the large is subject to gravity, but only quantum physics could describe the observations of the small. Since then, the theoretical tug of war between gravity and […]

10 secrets of science that will make you immortal already in this century

by blogon January 8, 2018
Every day, science brings humanity closer to an old dream: immortality. The path to immortality is thorny and difficult, but the ultimate goal justifies any means (although this can be argued). It is very likely that those born in this century will no longer have to die. Looking at the achievements of biologists, neuroscientists, engineers and pharmacists in […]

Scientists from MIT created a tattoo from living cells

by blogon January 7, 2018
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) invented a temporary “tattoo” consisting of genetically programmed living cells. Their prototype is similar to a transparent sticker with a pattern resembling a tree. The figure itself is divided into several sections containing a live fluorescent bacterium that can interact with certain chemical compounds. When the skin under the label […]

Glowing plants will illuminate the streets

by blogon January 6, 2018
On the streets of our cities we are accustomed to seeing many plants that perform, as a rule, purely decorative function. But what if all this flora could be given additional functions? Say, in the daytime plants produce oxygen, and at night – light the streets? It sounds fantastic, but in fact, this can soon become a reality. […]

Six houses of the future that will protect you from climate change

by blogon January 5, 2018
Floods, droughts, hurricanes, forest fires – once rare weather phenomena are becoming more prevalent and powerful due to climate change. And it is impossible to deny this. At the same time, more people are moving to cities around the world. This is a dangerous combination, as the urban population is more exposed to the risk of destruction from […]

Scientists declare the discovery of a bad smell from the mouth

by blogon January 4, 2018
Bad smell from the mouth is not always associated with non-compliance with oral hygiene. Scientists say that about 0.5 to 3 percent of people are caused by other smells. For example, a bad smell occurs with inflammation of the sinus sinuses, esophagus, pulmonary diseases and even due to the peculiarities of the blood. Nevertheless, the scientists did not […]

The dam in the Netherlands was highlighted without electricity

by blogon January 3, 2018
Several years ago, the Dutch government decided to implement the Icoon Afsluitdijk project, the essence of which is to make all national roads energetically neutral. Among other items, it includes the use of luminous algae instead of lighting and the production of renewable energy. The first object with ecologically clean illumination was the Afsleytdeyk dam, whose length […]

Students of the public university of Australia will be able to make purchases by crypto currency

by blogon January 2, 2018
The Australian Public Institute has launched a study that will allow students to earn Ethereumcrypto currency and then spend it on purchases in retail stores on campus. The project is going to be realized with the participation of the LoyaltyX start-up within the Unify Rewards program. Students will be able to spend the Aether using a special application […]

NASA is trying to reduce the cost of production and operation of its megacury SLS

by blogon January 1, 2018
NASA Aerospace Agency reported that one of the most reliable parts of its new huge space rocket space launcher Space Launch System is its first booster block, which partly uses technologies that have been well-tested by time, writes Ars Technica portal. For example, such technologies are engines that were used during the space shuttle program, as […]

“Smart Cloth” from the US stores data without the use of electronics

by adminon November 10, 2017
  Scientists from the University of Washington are developing a material that can be used as a fabric for tailoring clothes and at the same time as a data storage device. The main goal is to look for ways to abandon fragile and volatile electronics for identity identification and access to various everyday objects and services. […]