Startup Tangem will release “smart” crypto banknotes

by blogon February 14, 2018
The rapid growth in popularity of crypto currency makes even initially far from the topic people pay attention to them. But to understand the diversity of the “coins” and technologies associated with them, an ordinary person is quite difficult. Therefore, the startup Tangem decided to make the technology mass and accessible, releasing smart crypto-banknotes. Andrey Pantyukhin, one of the […]

Russia is testing a new system of returning astronauts from orbit

by blogon February 13, 2018
To date, the main method of “delivering” astronauts to Earth are capsules, the basic principle of which has not changed for several years. But progress does not stand still, and following the development of new spacecrafts, the company “Tekhnodinamika” has made a new system for returning cosmonauts from space to Earth. In the very near future […]

The power of the best Russian supercomputer will double

by blogon February 12, 2018
The capacity of the supercomputer of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov is to be doubled in the next month, said the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichy at the meeting of the Integration Club under the chair of the Federation Council on the topic “The Eurasian vector – the future […]

How it works? | | Metal detector frames

by blogon February 11, 2018
A metal detector is an electrical device that detects metal objects in a neutral or weakly conductive medium due to their conductivity. To ensure safety at the entrance to places of mass congestion, for example, to the station building or to a concert, each person must pass through the metal detector frame, and all personal belongings […]

A battery has been developed that can be bent, stretched and even cut

by blogon February 10, 2018
Over the past few years, flexible devices have gone beyond the concepts and have become increasingly flicker in news feeds and at various exhibitions. But for such devices, special batteries are required. And one of them was presented by Singaporean scientists from Nanyang Technological University. Their battery can be bent, stretched and even cut. The new edition is […]

Graphene can solve the five biggest problems of the world

by blogon February 8, 2018
In September 2015, world leaders gathered at the historic UN summit to adopt sustainable development goals (SDG). Seventeen of these ambitious goals and indicators will help guide and coordinate governments and international organizations to solve global problems. For example, SDG 3 provides “ensuring a healthy lifestyle and affordable well-being for all people at any age”. Others include access […]

Cameras of the new generation will be able to see through the walls

by blogon February 7, 2018
Do you like the camera on your brand new smartphone? She can define the face in the photo and shoot video in slow-motion mode in the highest resolution. But these technological breakthroughs are only the beginning of a great revolution that unfolds before our eyes. The latest research in the field of cameras deviates from the increase in […]

The plane made an intercontinental flight on kerosene with mustard

by blogon February 6, 2018
Air carrier Qantas said that the company’s aircraft made an intercontinental flight from the United States to Australia on fuel, partly consisting of mustard. For the flight, mixed fuel was used, 90 percent consisting of ordinary aviation kerosene, and the remaining ten percent was ordinary mustard oil, which was produced from the seeds of Sareptian mustard […]

Russian startup has developed a crypto-cash heater

by blogon February 5, 2018
Engineers from the Russian startup Comino have created a device for liquid-cooled mining, which, in addition to mining the crypto currency, its main function, can serve as a heater for the apartment. This is reported by the Rusbase website with reference to the publication of Vedomosti. The first batch of ten devices is already fully assembled and ready […]

Samsung will release smart vacuum cleaners in the style of Star Wars

by blogon February 2, 2018
Trying to make money on popular film franchises is a very common affair among numerous companies and corporations. And it’s quite common to try and make money on the space opera “Star Wars”, which for decades has brought its creators multimillion and even billions of box office fees. South Korean company Samsung also decided not to stand […]