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Unmanned robotic cars compete in the racing series Roborace

by on April 15, 2018


The idea of ​​organizing international races of unmanned cars – Roborace originated this year on the wave of the absolute success of Formula E – a version of the Formula for racing electric vehicles . The main goal of Roborace is to demonstrate to the whole world the enormous possibilities of robotics and artificial intelligence, which, as it turned out, on the shoulder and modern motorsport.

The most important thing is that the idea of ​​international racing of unmanned vehicles is already becoming a reality and confirmation of this is the project of a racing car designed with the active participation of designer Daniel Simon, who became famous for his Hollywood blockbuster Oblivion and Tron: Heritage.

Bolide Roborace

The design of the Roborace car was developed by Daniel Simon

Participation in the Roborace will take 10 teams, two cars in each. All cars are exactly the same, but the teams will have to apply their own control algorithms and the implementation of artificial intelligence . Competitions will be held during the year in the mode of one-hour race in different countries of the world.

One of the co-founders of the races, the head of the British venture company Kinetik – Denis Sverdlov, praised Roborace’s prospects:

“Roborace is a triumph of revolutionary technologies and innovations that have become accessible to humanity in recent times. This is a global platform for demonstrating the achievements in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, which have become a part of our reality. “

The first demonstration race Roborace will be held this year at the same time as the Formula E races of the 2016/17 season.


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